You will usually discover that complicated business problems can be answered by straightforward approaches, but it takes effort, experience and smart thinking to develop and deliver these successfully.

We specialise in IT strategy development. We deliver change through the use of new technologies and data to support decision making.

We apply our deep technical knowledge of the data journey, cyber security and systems architecture to help you develop tailored solutions to the unique issues you are facing.

We bring solid and proven experience to the table. Some of us have been there ourselves, as CIO or CTO. Whether you’re a large global business, or a smaller specialist company, we will always give you an independent viewpoint when you need one​.

We offer business insights from the sectors we work in, such as Oil & Gas, Financial Services and Policing.​

Chaucer has quite a personal touch. I really feel that the Chaucer team are committed to our needs and getting the job done.

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