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Attract and retain talent, promote wellbeing and support culture.

But how do you vary your envelope, locality and work settings mix to better serve your work force? And how can data help you make these choices?

The workplace has gone through a lot of change in recent decades. From the introduction of serviced offices, to business centres, co-working spaces and now “space-as-a-service”.

The range of options facing organizations when choosing locations and designing facilities are greater than ever, as are the choices now offered to individual employees and contingent workers.

Developing a real estate portfolio strategy that is aligned with and supports the workplace strategy is more complex than ever. People are more mobile, supported by technology that allows them to work from anywhere – in the office, at home, while traveling, and in other third-party spaces like coworking facilities and coffee shops.

Establishing what space these people need is hard enough, but the portfolio strategy team must now also understand how much of this need should be provided internally, and how much sourced through third party partners.

Going beyond the current industry focus on simple utilization, we can help you understand more about what your people need from a workplace, scientifically express these needs in business language, and then support you through the complex change that is often the biggest challenge in delivering workplace strategy.

Demand-based Portfolio Planning

Understand the underlying demand for the variety of space you offer within your offices, and ensure that you only pay for the space your business really needs

Change Management

Whether it is unassigned workstations or activity-based work settings, supporting your people through workplace change can be tough – we can help

Occupancy Analytics

Decision support through robust, automated measurement and proven analysis that goes beyond simple utilization and considers demand, behaviour, constraints and availability

Operationalized Analytics

Achieve high-quality, continuous occupancy decision support information by focusing on data sources that create a virtuous circle for the users

Place-enabled Productivity

Maximize the impact of your workplace on the productivity of your people by understanding how to choose space types that encourage collaboration, innovation and your culture

Workplace Technology

We can help you bring together people and place through technology, working across your internal HR, IT and CRE functions to provide the most effective workplace technology

If you need help realizing your strategy, or are ready to look at the advanced analytical methods we have to help you plan the next phase of your strategy, please contact us for more information >

Measure what is important, don’t make important what you can measureRobert McNamara, U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1961-68

Real estate is usually the second largest cost for a corporation after people. Yet many organizations struggle to measure the demand, monitor the use, and provide adequate support for change programs.​

If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horsesHenry Ford (well, almost)

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